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Codes for a life-time

As a developer you have a job to develop a program /functionalities/ Web presence for your client.Your current client owns these codes for life-time.However over period a job well done is no longer related with you maybe because you have stopped coding/you are no longer available for coding / your client have switched their loyalties to some other coders.
This is where comes your role to make your current work remembered and referred time and again by your client and establish your credential as a nifty and understanding programmer.If one follows these simple things codes you have so painstakingly created would be an asset for your client and you will have contention of a job quite well done.

  1. During the course of coding you would need to create files,classes,functions and variables that are a much needed part of any programming language.You have the option to assign them names at your will.Lazyness and haste often make us using these name as all sundries.Though it serves its purpose but anyone having a look at these
    names would have a real tough time making sense out of these.It would alway be advisable to name these with a context so to reflect their purpose.Examples are where we can simply use server_running we should consider using is_windows_server_running for a function that test or ascertain whether windows server is running or not.And looking at just the name a future programmer would understand this is a function for finding out if the windows server is running or not.So give meaningful and context sensitive names to files,classes,functions and variables.
  2. Provision to write comments are provided in most of the languages.However these are most misused facility as we generally tend to use these to comment out per se part of the codes that were written to test/written to debug/unworking codes replaced with other codes. This is not the purpose of the comments.Comments are to explain what you intend to do and why you are doing that so that in the course of further development it would serve as a documentation to your codes.Besides they add and explain the flow of your code.
  3. Naming variables , functions require you to devise a name and you have the option to name them using a casing convention that suits you fine.However we can utilize this to better represent and mark these name to their purpose.Onus is on us to define ,adopt and stick with these casing convention so that readability of your codes increase a lot.Once may decide on naming all variable in lower case letters , represent classes,variables with camel casing (having Captial letter for beginning of word like IsServerRunning) or Hungarian casing (which is an extension of camel casing – addition being that while naming variable we begin with datatypes in smallcase and follow up with the camel casing for the name of the variable an example could be strYourLastName instead of just yourlastname or YourLastName)
  4. Space are insignificant for most of the programming languages.They are inert and server no purpose as far as the compiler/interpretor you are using to develop the application.However you may utilize this provision to beautify your codes so that they are much more comprehensible and understood . User spaces liberally to demark line breaks,conditional loops , end of subs if fact anywhere that you believe codes would look more readable.This would also help you in debugging the application as on a glance you can view and realize the flow of the control of the program.

I would surely be intrested to know what you feel about. I did not mean to preach and would be looking forward to your comments.

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